The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) is a regional network, working in 11 Arab countries with 8 national networks (with an extended membership of 200 CSOs from different backgrounds) and 30 NGO members. ANND was established in 1997 and its headquarters is located in Beirut, Lebanon since 2000

ANND aims at strengthening the role of civil society, enhancing the values of democracy, respect of human rights and sustainable development in the region. ANND advocates for more sound and effective socio-economic reforms in the region, which integrate the concepts of sustainable development, gender justice, and the rights-based approach.

With the aim of presenting the knowledge and resources resulting from this work to civil society stakeholders and other partners, ANND has initiated the Civil Society Resources for Development in the Arab Region (CSR-DAR).

CSR-DAR is an online resource portal initiated by ANND with the purpose of making accessible a variety of resources on development issues in the Arab region that can be used as information tools for advocacy. It includes books, papers and articles, guides and methods, and other relevant resources that are produced by ANND, its members, and partners. It also contains some other relevant documents from official sources. In addition to being a disseminator of valuable information, CSR-DAR is also a platform where civil society organizations active in the Arab region or on issues pertaining to the region can share their own news, events, and resources.