34 Human rights organization: Muslim Brotherhood terrifies civilians And launches violence and chaotic acts during the ending of the two sit-ins



34 Human rights organization: 
Muslim Brotherhood terrifies civilians 
And launches violence and chaotic acts during the ending of the two sit-ins  
The signatories on this declaration following accurately the events taking place since the second wave of 25th of January revolution at 2011.which started at  the 30th of June, since the dismissal of Mohamed Morsy and declaring the consultant Adly Mansour the president of the supreme constitutional court as a civil temporary president for Egypt at the 3rd of July 2013, were not surprised by the violent acts occurred yesterday during ending the sit- ins of Rabea AL Adaweya at Nasr city and Al Nahda at Al Giza. the sit-ins included members of Muslim brotherhood and members from different political Islam groups, it was clear during a period which lasted for 45 days that Muslim Brotherhood was preparing for launching an insurrection in order to bring the former president back to power, the terrorist acts occurring now in Sinai increased since the leave of the former president which proves that the reason behind those acts is the return of Moursy. The government tried to correspond with leaders of Muslim Brotherhood to end the sit- ins and to start negotiations about solving the disputes between the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers, also the disputes between the Brotherhood and the current temporary civil presidency which represents the majority of Egyptian people. Despite all local and international initiatives, Muslim Brotherhood insisted on returning to power regardless any sacrifices.

The signatories on this declaration agreed upon the following points:
1- The violent acts widely spreading all over Egypt since yesterday and may extend to coming days declares that there is a comprehensive scheme aims at terrifying Egyptians, spreading chaos and showing that Egypt is a failed state . The implementation of this scheme started once the end of the sit-ins.

2-We condemn all violent acts. And here we shall differentiate between the violence of the terroristic groups which targets terrifying civil people, spreading chaos and religious strife through attacking churches and destroying properties of Christian citizens, and the excessive use of force by the state when facing armed violence done by Islamic groups, the first is a crime against the state and Egyptian people while the second comes in the context of mistakes that we should be alerted for and we should ask the government continuously to use amount of violence equal to the violence used by those groups and not to exceed the limits.

3- We also ask the government to end the reasons behind the terrorism through trying to provide social justice, targeting poorest categories, providing essential services needed to save the dignity and humanity of all Egyptians, modifying educational syllabuses, offering job opportunities for millions of unemployed Egyptians as without such procedures terrorism is inevitable.

4-We also declare that the announcement of emergency case and the curfew for a month after the occurrence of those violence acts all over Egypt.  Are acceptable and reasonable procedures to be used until the safety and stability are back, under the condition that these procedures should instantly stop once the reasons of their existence end.

5-The expansion of violence and chaos is not a reason to stop seeking comprehensive national concord which includes all national and religious parties. All leaders and elements of violence and terrorism should be brought to trial and law should be firmly applied on them.
Signatory Organizations:
1.   The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement2.   The Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development3.   The Egyptian Association for Scientific and Technological Development4.   The Egyptian Association for Economic and Social Rights.5.   The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights6.   The Arab Institution for the Support of Civil Society and Human Rights7.   The Egyptian Institution for the Advancement of Childhood Conditions8.   The Arab Organization for Criminal Reform9.   The Legal Thinking System .
10.  The Arab Center for Development and Human Rights
11.  The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms
12.  The Egyptian Coalition for the Rights of the Child
14.  The Arab Program for Human Rights
15.  The Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners
16.  Tadamon Association for Human Rights
17.  Saed Association for Human Rights
18.  Al Mehrez Association for Social Services
19.  Misr Association for Civilizations and Peace
20.  The Private Sector Workers Support Association, Mahalla
21.  The Syndicates and Workers Services House
22.  The Arab Spring Institute
23.  Nakheb “Voter” Institution for Democracy
24.  Alternative Development Studies Center
25.  One World Institution for Development and Civil Society Support
26.  Refaa El Tahtawy Forum
27.  Free Human Being Center for Rights and Freedoms
28.  Mahrousa Center
29.  The Egyptian Center for the Rights of the Child
30.  Appropriate Communication Tools for Development Association (ACT)
31.  Law Institute for Training and Legal Studies
32.  The Arab Consciousness for Law and Rights
33.  Legal Directorates Lawyers’ Support Center
34-Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence